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Eating Out with Twin Two-Year-Olds

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Today we went to the shoe store to buy fall/winter shoes for the boys. We’re continually amazed at how HUGE these guys are: We had to buy Kyle shoes size *11*!!! and Owen size *12*!!!!! Everyone who deals with us in children’s shoe/clothes stores is in shock when they find out our babies are not even 2 1/2 years old yet! Yesterday at Little Gym I was chatting with another mom in our class who was commenting on how big our boys are. Her son is turning 3 next month and is half the size of K & O. In fact, K & O are by far the youngest in the class (the class is really supposed to be for 2.5-3.5 year olds), but are by far the biggest in there. Anyway….. what I really wanted to post about today was the subject of eating out with twin two-year-olds…

So, after the shoe store we went out to lunch. Another family with two young kids was sitting at a table near us and as we were leaving the mother complimented us on how “well behaved” our toddlers were. (oh my gosh, nothing could make me happier than this compliment from another mom!) I am still actually amazed that we can even *go* to a restaurant now, let alone that we might actually get complimented on our behavior while there!!!!!! During the time the boys were 12-24 months old we never ever ever ever ate out. You couldn’t have paid us to do it! We would try every couple months and it would end in total utter complete disaster each time. Starting when they turned 2 we began making a real go of it. And over the past 3-4 months we have really made huge strides! Like I said to Owen today: “We’ve come a long way, baby!” My boys are really pretty good now with their table manners and eating-out-skills. And they actually enjoy it now. We actually enjoy it now. As Kyle said, between mouthfulls of guacamole at lunch: “Yay Me!” Braydon and I were just happy to be able to have a burrito that we didn’t make (or have to clean up after!)

P.S. Oh, yeah, just to be very, very clear: We still have not ventured to any restaurant with them except Panera Bread, Baja Fresh, McDonalds (i.e., fast food restaurants!!!). Oh, and, we’ve never lasted more than 20 minutes (25-30 MAX) at even any of *these* places!!! Oh, and also, did I mention that we bribe them with lolipops when we’re at the 15-minute-mark? And that they get lectured by me for the entire car-ride to our restaurant destination about the “restaurant rules” (i.e., “no spitting,” “no throwing food,” “no screaming,” “no standing up in your highchair,” “no running in the restaurant”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)? Well, anyway, like I said, eating out with our twin two-year-olds… it’s great, really. Oh, yeah, just to be very, very clear: we didn’t make the meal (or have to clean up after it!)

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