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"It’s Sandy’s Turn Now"

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Today our next door neighbors, Charlie and Sandy, left for India to complete their adoption and bring their two children home. After 18 months of waiting, they are finally going to get their kids. I am over-identifying with them and can’t stop thinking about them all day long today! I’m thinking of how I felt on the day we went to get Kyle and Owen. How it felt to be on that airplane to Port au Prince. How it felt to be on the cusp of becoming a mother. They will be gone for three weeks, and then we’ll get to meet their children for their homecoming. Kyle and Owen are not going to know what to do when they realize that Sandy is going to be a Mama of her own- with her own kids! They absolutely adore her and will be so jealous to see her hold another baby! At a party for Charlie and Sandy on Saturday night we began trying to explain this to Kyle and Owen. Trying to explain –in a way a 2-year-old might understand– that Charlie and Sandy were going to go away on a big trip for their “ADOPTION!” And that Sandy was going to be “another baby’s mama.” Kyle and Owen have heard all about their own adoption their whole life… we talk about their adoption and about Haiti daily… but it is hard to know how much they actually understand. Last night as I was tucking Kyle into bed and talking about what was going to happen the next day (as we do every night… “tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow you’ll go to daycare, tomorrow Mama will pick you up, etc…”), he brought it up. He said, “Mama, Sandy on a big airplane! up in the sky!” I said, “Yes, baby, they’re going for their adoption! They’re going to India to get their babies.” And Kyle said, clear as day, and with complete seriousness and sincerity: “Yeah, Mama, it’s Sandy’s turn now.”

Sandy says bye bye to Kyle

Sandy says bye bye to Owen

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