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Yes! They Sleep!

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“Do they sleep?” We get asked this question a lot! Both by total strangers we encounter and by people we know well! The obvious answer is “yes.” However, if you’ve ever spent any time with our kids (or even just merely observing them from a distance), you would understand why we’re asked this question so often! Kyle and Owen are so “extremely active” (i.e., wild, crazy, extroverted, energetic, precocious, full-of-it), that people wonder if they’re actually capable of being calm, let alone able to sleep! But, yes! they sleep! And they sleep a lot! They seem to have only two speeds: on, or off. When they’re on, they’re very, very on! And when they’re off, they’re very, very off! The thing is so few people ever get to see them when the switch is in the “off” position! And, my gosh, I kinda feel bad about that — because, really, so many people are missing out on getting to see that my bambinos are the most incredibly precious little sleepers imaginable! I just took these photos – of my babies’ Saturday afternoon nap – to prove it.

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