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Virgin Gorda

Posted by | June 04, 2007 | Uncategorized | No Comments

We’re back from the most spectacular vacation imaginable. Virgin Gorda is located in the British Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean. It would not be for everybody — that’s for sure. Virgin Gorda is very remote, very undeveloped, and very adventurous… and Virgin Gorda was the perfect place for our family. We had the most amazing, invigorating, awesome, inspiring, adventurous time. It took us a full 12 hours to get there each way (via our car, 1 airport van, 2 airplanes, 1 ferry van, 1 ferry, and 1 rental car — each way). Despite the fact that everyone thought we were crazy for taking twin just-barely-three-year olds there, and despite the fact they were the only non-local children we saw the whole time we were there, our boys were — as always — incredible little travelers (they have not disappointed us on one airplane yet!), and incredibly adventurous little explorers! Our villa was absolutely wonderful, and the island of Virgin Gorda felt like heaven on earth for us. For a full week we were fully immersed in a lively and lovely Caribbean culture where the boys were treated like absolute royalty (within three days of being there the entire island knew Kyle and Owen were there and people would greet them happily everywhere we went), we were in a place where Braydon and I were usually the only “whites” around, and where dreadlocs are commonplace. Plus, we saw some of the most spectacular natural beaches on the planet, the boys learned to snorkel (seriously, they could not have done better!!!!! and they could not have seen more gorgeous tropical fish), we ate fresh grilled and blackened fish right off the boat, and we had a week of perfect family bonding. It truly could not have been better. We feel so fortunate to be in the position to be able to do this kind of thing as a family. Today — to make up for the long blog hiatus — I’m posting 40 of our favorite photos from the trip. Believe me, there are lots more where these came from (!!!), but I’m limiting myself to just 40.

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