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Top Ten: Readers’ Favorite Posts from Our 2nd Year of Blogging

Posted by | November 24, 2008 | BAMBINOS, CONSPICUOUS, TRAVEL | No Comments

  1. The “Adoption Stuff” Post (…and the controversy it caused!)
  2. Top 10: K & O In Unsupervised Moments
  3. The Hypothetical Game (boys in tutus)
  4. Happy New Year! (Heather’s Pregnant!) and then, in May, finally… Meera Grace is Born! Birth Stories… by Heather, by Braydon, by MorMor, by MorFar
  5. K & O become Big Brothers— especially: Pinky and Thumb and “We’re Your Big Brothers!” and Kyle’s relationship with Meera and Owen’s relationship with Meera
  6. Quotes from K & O— for example, this post and this post
  7. Braydon’s Videos (see sidebar) & Braydon’s Posts— especially: “Steel Gossamer” and “Home Coming” and “Forest of Kitchens”
  8. J-M Trips and Travels— vaca’s from this year of blogging include Arizona in Nov; NH in Dec; Sand Key Florida in Feb; Baltimore in April; PA Haiti Reunion 2008 in July; NH in Aug; Meera’s CT Baptism in Oct (note: photos from our trips are always posted in multiple posts immediately following the Trip Post)
  9. Baracko!!!!
  10. French Kissing in the Grocery Store

(To see all of the favorite posts mentioned click on ‘comments’ from this post)

Thanks for reading y’all! Cheers to another fun year of blogging!

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