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3rd Annual ‘Haiti Christmas Party’

Posted by | December 13, 2009 | BAMBINOS, CONSPICUOUS | No Comments

Yesterday was our 3rd Annual Christmas Party for our group of Pennsylvania-area family friends who have adopted from Haiti (click here for last year). There is just nothing like our twice-yearly get togethers with our fellow Haitian-American family friends. This gathering has become a major part of our Christmas Season and it has become a tradition that is, for us, absolutely invaluable. This is truly a top highlight of the year for K & O. They had been anticipating this day since our summer reunion, and had been counting down the days for the past couple of weeks. They were in heaven, absolute heaven!, with this party in full swing yesterday. And when I say ‘full swing,’ I mean FULL SWING. When these kids all get together, these kids can party! The full house was rocking and rolling (almost literally) with spirits through the roof. 60 people (38 of which were kids) gathered; 80 hot dogs consumed; 75 Capri Suns drank; 2 lamps broken; countless mini candy canes devoured; dozens of ornaments created (thanks Miller family!!!); unknown quantities of rice & beans, mac & cheese, chips & dip, Christmas cookies, and all sorts of other goodies enjoyed (thanks everyone!). It is good. Really good. The fellowship we share is incredibly special. We are so grateful for this group of friends and the bonds that bind us.

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