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January 31, 2005-January 31, 2010 = 5 Years Together!
Hotel Montana
Port au Prince Airport, about to leave for Miami
Kyle, after a few weeks home
Owen, after a few weeks home


  • laura p says:

    Congratulations on 5 years home! It does go so fast. I can't believe our children have been home almost three years now. I had a quick question for you… my son Mateo is 5 and just got a Leapster 2 from his Grandma for our upcoming trip. I know you said your boys got them as well, can you tell me what games they had that helped there reading? Thanks so much! My e-mail is

  • Molly says:

    They were such tiny little muffins! Compare that to the photo in your header and it's just mindblowing! Love those boys.

  • honor22 says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!Erin

  • Kathrin says:

    Happy adoption day! They were so tiny when they came home. Five years home! YEAH!

  • Lisa S says:

    Happy Adoption Day to your beautiful family!!

  • Emily Doss says:

    This is very exciting to me because we are waiting to adopt trans-racially and someday I will be looking back at all this waiting. Until then we are trying to be patient. :)

  • Malia'sMama says:

    Happy Day! They are soooo beautiful, and your family is very blessed :)

  • Ani says:

    Were they ever that tiny? It seems like time flies right before our eyes, and no matter how aware we are, it still takes us by surprise. Such beautiful babies, such handsome, lively boys. Happy adoption day!

  • kate.m.v. says:

    Happy Adoption Day Kyle and Owen!!! I just celebrated my 20th Adoption Anniversary Day with my parents on 31st December. Happy day to your whole family :)- Kate

  • ManyBlessings says:

    Beautiful! :)

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