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Adoption Day 2010

Posted by | February 01, 2010 | BAMBINOS, CONSPICUOUS, TRAVEL | 7 Comments
Last year we spent our Adoption Day in NYC; the Statue of Liberty was the main event (click here and here). That was so great. It was hard to think of something great enough to hold up to that. But we did. We planned our perfect 2010 Adoption Day and it turned out even better than perfect. 
First stop Chinatown…
…for lunch, of course…
…those soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai have got to be some of the best edibles on the entire planet… we go crazy for these things!!!…
…dessert on the street = tea and tapioca ball drinks and shakes… as has always been our Chinatown tradition…
…this trip was K & O’s first time riding the NYC subway… it did not disappoint!… subway = major high of the trip…
…including listening to/watching the subway street musicians…
…but the big event of the day… was… K & O’s first Broadway show!!!…
…The Lion King… absolutely astoundingly amazingly amazing beyond belief!!!… the boys were mesmerized for every minute of the entire three hours. What an incredible gift to ourselves those four tickets were!…
…after the show… hot dogs for K & O from street vendors in Times Square…3 separate vendors that is… (photo above = the first of three hot dogs each for K & O)… those crazy-eating boys!
Our Adoption Day is so special to us. It was a great big huge great day.
Once again, this year, a huge THANK YOU to MorMor — and this year MorFar too — for spending the day at home with Meera so that we could be footloose and fancy free in the big city!


  • Melissa says:

    Wow! It looks like Owen has really shot up ahead of Kyle in height. Or is that an illusion?

  • Ani says:

    What a fun day for your family!We're huge fans of Joe Shanghai's… its a must stop whenever we fly north to NY!

  • Heather says:

    Melissa– Yes, they've both had a growth spurt recently ~~ Owen is now almost exactly 2 inches taller than Kyle ~~ and Kyle is now almost exactly 2 pounds heavier than Owen!

  • Heather says:

    Ani– those soup dumplings!!! Amazing, huh? We also get the Shanghai flat noodles and the Szechuan string beans. Our favorite lunch on the entire planet. Seriously.:)

  • honor22 says:

    Ahhhh, sounds like a wonderful day.Erin

  • Kathy C. says:

    What fun! Our twins finally came home Jan 25.

  • Ms. says:

    Heather,We really do have to meet. Joe's Shanghi is like my favorite restaurant in the world. It was the last meal I had, before going into labor with my second son.The pictures had me drooling and hungry:)My boys don't remember eating there anymore. You've inspired me to take them back.Lori

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