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Posted by | February 15, 2010 | BAMBINOS | 6 Comments

The boys have been obsessed with the Lion King ever since we went to see it for our Adoption Day (click). We bought the Broadway show soundtrack (click) for them, and they listen to it obsessively every single day. Oftentimes they not only listen to it, but act out their favorite parts to the music. They have a few of the songs memorized. And they are Simba for large portions of each day. Owen got it in his head that he really, really wanted me to “paint” him to look like the “Young Simba” from the play. He obsessed over this until finally I found, and bought, body paint so that I could do it. We’ve done the body-paint-Young-Simba thing a couple times now. The boys love it. Meera wants a little something painted on her, too, of course. And then they all dance around dramatically to the Lion King music– Kyle and Owen acting out key parts of the story, and Meera just trying her best to keep up with them. It is all very action packed. You can just imagine. Anyway… the funniest part is that we go through this whole dramatic LionKingMania, and then, just as if nothing ever happened, next thing you know, we’re all eating dinner… body paint and all. On the particular night of the photos below it was all very dramatic and action-packed, and then… sure enough… we found ourselves eating chili. Never, ever a dull moment around these parts.


  • H. says:

    Love it! I love your blog, your kids, your ideas…everything! Your family is an inspriration…as a working-going-to-school mom with 2 very little ones, I love to read what your busy family is up to while we are also trying to keep it together at our house and enjoy these all too fleeting days with our little ones!! Have a great day!Hope in CT

  • JenniferJ says:

    Kindreds spirits…my boys LOVE SHimba :)

  • Malia'sMama says:

    That is awesome and so, so, soooo how Malia reacts when she becomes enamoured with a movie,or musical. I would love you to order out one night and let the boys get the door in full get-up!! Around christmas our pizza guy wasn't sure what to make of Mal in a sixties "fall" with a tutu an, and carrying a child sized broom- imagine if she'd been "broadwayed" like your happy bunch,Eh?? LOL

  • honor22 says:

    Nice job on the body paint! I'm impressed. The boys look fierce. I need to follow their work out routine. They have killer abs. I'm quite certain I couldn't keep up with them.Erin

  • M and M says:

    I remember when my oldest (Aria, the fairy maker) was Peter Pan for about a year. She lived and breathed Peter's point of view. Parenting without confining their spirits is a beautiful thing.

  • Emmers says:

    THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! and I love little meera's face poking out between them!

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