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Disney Trip, Part 2 of 3

Posted by | October 27, 2010 | TRAVEL | 4 Comments

For our second full day, we left the camera at the hotel (on purpose!), and we headed off to Typhoon Lagoon. We’re a tropical-water-sand-loving family. We would be happy to go to Orlando just for the day at Typhoon Lagoon. Seriously. That’s how much we love it. And when I say “we” I mean all seven that were in our party. Pushing the whole thing even more over-the-top-awesome for Kyle, he somehow banged his mouth on the edge of the car door getting out at the parking lot of Typhoon Lagoon, dramatically knocking a lose tooth out, and therefore managing to “lose a tooth at Disney World!!!” (You should have seen all the Disney loot that the Tooth Fairy left that night after a note was written on hotel letterhead wherein Kyle asked the Tooth Fairy to “please leave something for everyone, not just for me”). To mark the occasion of the “Disney Lost Tooth!” MorFar took this picture with his phone camera:


We proceeded to enjoy that Disney water park to the max. I mean, to the max. I was so proud of my boys – riding every single water slide, tube ride, and river raft. I was so proud of my parents – right there beside them doing it all… and I do mean it all. I was so proud of my girl, the sun-and-sand-and-water-loving girl we are raising her to be, floating down the lazy river, and swimming with sting rays (no kidding). I was so proud of my man, the best-mega-wave-riding-body-surfing-crazy-as-his-boys-Papi possibly possible. What else can I say? We closed the place. And couldn’t have been happier. Here is the only other documentation of that awesome, amazing-day-had-by-all day (taken by me, with my iPhone, which I only pulled out of the bag once just because I couldn’t resist trying to grab this shot):


And the next day we were up and at ‘em at the crack of dawn, so that we could be one of the first on the safari at Animal Kingdom (they say that the earlier you get on the safari, the more animals you see). Here’s the view of the back seat of the mini van that morning:


And here is Meera in the mini van, at 8:30 a.m., already ready for a nap. But nap she did not. Instead, she rallied. Rallied big time for her happiest Disney day yet.


The safari was the highlight of all of Disney for Kyle (and that is saying a lot, given his newfound infatuation with princesses, and his intense thrill-seeking mad-love of all-things-rollercoaster).


You can’t really blame him. I mean, who wouldn’t be overcome with awe, joy, and wonder at seeing things like this???



It. Is. Amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.


And to experience it all with your own kids… and your own parents… and to have it all flow the way you had imagined… it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.




And because we had three generations together, and a ratio of four completely-able adults to three completely-happy kids, we were able to split up from time to time. So, for a good chunk of the morning, MorMor and MorFar did toddler-speed Animal Kingdom with Meera, and Mommy and Papi did six-year-old-(going on twelve-year-old)-speed Animal Kingdom with Kyle and Owen.



We all agreed that Animal Kingdom was our favorite park (none of us had been there before). We just absolutely loved it. And that wasn’t just because of our bambinos’ ridiculously-huge-obsession with The Lion King either. (Anyone who’s been reading this blog for any time knows about that!) Although, the Animal Kingdom’s show, “Legend of the Lion King,” alone, would have been worth the trip. (seriously!). Here are the three with Simba after the show:


Oh, and the parade that day wasn’t bad either (understatement of the year).



And here is my favorite shot of the entire trip (below). At the Animal Kingdom parade. Meera, on my father’s shoulders, my mother’s hand placed firmly on Meera’s back, Braydon looking on. This completely captures the essence of our trip.


(She was waving at this:)


I would be remiss if I weren’t to make a special note about Everest, the ride. This was the boys’ favorite ride in all of our time at Disney (and man, oh man!, did they ride a lot of rides!). They – Owen especially – fell in love with every single aspect of it. And we promised them we’d go back so they could ride it again as our last ride of the trip. We made it there in enough time before the park closing that they got to ride Everest a total of five times before it was closed down for the night and we were politely ushered out.


Here is Kyle, exiting Everest, jumping up and down doing a crazy jig like a wild man, after one of their handful of Everest rides.


And then we left Walt Disney World, smiling, with three fabulous fun-filled days behind us. Days of – amongst everything else already noted – treats!

treat 1 treat 2 treat 3

Treats including (and I just had to get this in here) this crazy dessert for three – a “crème brulee banana split” – which was devoured in about three minutes flat by these three (note: MorMor did not eat one bite).

treat 4

And days of – amongst everything else already noted – a very nice resort!

resort 1

resort 2

A resort including (and I just had to get this in here too) this crazy bathtub in our suite… a tub which – look closely – filled from the ceiling!!!

resort 3

And… most importantly… our trip was comprised of days which were filled with – amongst everything else already noted – love. love love love love love love love. I know it sounds cheesy, but I’m sorry, it is true. We only live once. We have to unabashedly seize the moment. A trip, for us, is a love story. A love story unfolding. A love story with many parts. A love story to be written down, captured in photos, and told over and over again. No two ways about it: these trips are part of our glue. Because in and around it all, there is this:





  • Rachel says:

    Omg that lollipop is almost as big as Meera!! Did she finish it?
    Did the kids get to experience a character breakfast? My kids always dress up as their gave Disney characters for that. It’s always a great photo op!
    Did you try those Mickey Mouse waffles or those giant Turkey drumsticks? Those are our favorite Disney treats !
    Did y’all do Epcot too?
    Glad it was a fun trip for all !

  • Rachel says:

    Oops that is supposed to be FAVE Disney character. Darn iPhone.

  • Kendall says:

    I love all three of the Disney posts, but my absolute favorite parts out of them all are those adorable pictures of Meera and her papi! Such a pure, sweet, innocent love between father and daughter.

  • Megan Terry says:

    Just catching up on lots of posts. My 3 year old just walked up behind me while I was checking out the Disney pics and said, “Mom- see. Those kids got to go to Africa! Why can’t we go to Africa!” Evidently in our home Disney = Africa. Such darling pictures!

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