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Disney Trip, Part 3 of 3

Posted by | October 27, 2010 | TRAVEL | 4 Comments

We had later-in-the-day flights back to Boston (for MorMor and MorFar) and Newark (for the J-Ms), and so we got to spend a last day together before we left Orlando. We slept in, swam in the pool, packed up, checked out, and explored Downtown Disney. There were mementos purchased (a toy Tinkerbell phone! [Meera];  a set of princess books! [Kyle]; a Disney World airplane! [Owen]). And then we were off. Headed back to reality. Far, far away from The Magic Kingdom. But, our trip is an adventure from the very beginning (even before) to the very end (even after). The plane is a thrill – even going home (here’s Meera – photo below –on the flight home… Meera, who is becoming quite the little traveler in her own right). 


And here are the three, at the beloved baggage claim (never a dull moment! they love the baggage claim!). Like I said, it is all adored, from beginning to end.


And here they are the next morning, still in their pajamas, playing it all out (like they always do after each and every trip). They were back at Disney. They were riding a rollercoaster (this one “made specially for babies too!!!”). They were enriched (in so many ways) by another fantastic trip.


And so it goes that all the hassle and strategizing and plodding and planning that (realistically) does go into these things… is all worth it. And yes, there was a mountain of laundry to be done the size of Big Thunder Mountain. And yes, it is a lot to travel with little ones. And yes, we, at times, feel that we need a vacation after the vacation. Yes, of course. It is all true. But…


…but… we come home glued… we come home rejuvenated… we come home inspired… we come home planning the next trip. And so, while there will be others in between… we have already set a family goal firmly and solidly in place: We will, if at all humanly possible, go back to Walt Disney World in two years.


And so, we have that to look forward to. And we have Disney 2010 to remember. And, it comes full circle. And, tonight, as usual, our playroom table looks like this:


Travel: a love story.


  • Gloria says:

    Fabulous! Like you, our family of five love, love, LOVES to travel. In fact, we travelled to Africa (from the west coast of Canada) with our then 2 and 5-year old kids (to adopt our then 18 month old sweetie). People said we were crazy. Africa with 3 very small children?!?! We proved them wrong. We had a life-changing, fabulous time, and we discovered that we can go anywhere and do anything as a family. Since then (3 years ago), we’ve travelled many times (including a L-O-N-G road trip to Disneyland (!!) in a eurovan WITHOUT air conditioning. Not once did the kids complain. Truly! Really!)
    They just love the adventure, excitement, unknown of it all. Love it.

    So after that bit of rambling I will say, GOOD FOR YOU! Travel on, folks, travel on…

  • nicola says:

    Loved the photo of Owen with his arm around Meera, especially after your brothers post.. made me notice how physically close he and M are in all the photos.
    Also, O looks very tall, has he grown much taller than K? Or is it just a posture/photo thing?

  • MorMor says:

    Wonderful memories. TY HBJ!

  • laura says:

    wow, as usual i am amazed at all your kids get to experience and how your family has so much energy to do so many fabulous things!!!

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