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Dear Santa (2010)

Posted by | December 07, 2010 | BAMBINOS | 10 Comments

Dear Santa O “Dear Santa, Can I please have a drum set? [heart = ‘love,’] Owen”

Dear Santa K “Dear Santa, Please bring me bow and arrow and target. [again… heart = ‘love,’] Kyle.” (and then he made me write, “Somebody who did this is,” and he wrote in “6”)

Dear Santa M Meera dictated this Santa letter to me. Translation: Meera wants a Princess Tiana (i.e., Princess and the Frog) dress (as in dress-up/costume dress for her, Meera, to wear), and a Princess Tiana “doll.” This is all so very interesting because K & O tried to convince her to ask Santa for chapstick (she loves chapstick and is always begging all of us to use ours), and for awhile she was going along with that, but then, suddenly, this weekend, out of nowhere, completely on her own, she started saying that she was going to ask Santa for “Tiana doll and Tiana dress.” All of us were shocked. We didn’t even know that she truly understood the whole concept of Santa, let alone that she could ask for something like that from him. Well, it turns out that she gets it. Like, fully, fully gets it. And the girl knows what she wants! Re: “Old McFarmer is to ride on a hay. Hey!”… this is what Meera sings whenever we sing Jingle Bells and get to the part “Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh, hey!” (and she’s always sang, “Old McFarmer,” instead of “Old McDonald” in Old McDonald Had A Farm, so she’s fusing it all together). She then insisted that I trace her hands at the bottom. Sweetie!



  • Bonnie says:

    “Old McFarmer…” priceless, just priceless. What a fun season ahead!

  • Kristen says:

    Okay, do tell on the bow & arrow. This is Jafta’s request, too. He would also like a bale of hay for attaching the target. Um, we live in suburbia and I don’t think we can give him a real bow and arrow. What is your solution?

    • Shirley Stanton says:

      and NEVER not even for one single second would he have it without his daddy RIGHT THERE. Raised two boys, (and two little girly girls like your Meera) one Haitian son who came to me full grown and I am still the worrying, they are going to get hurt type of mom!! BUT I am also the mom who encourages my children to attempt, try whatever is in there interest even if it is not mine. My youngest daughter is a champion competitive ball room dancer, my husband and I grew up in churches that did not believe in dancing………………. :)

  • Kate says:

    Those letters are so cute!! Interesting to see different request from K & O, are they making more independent choices from each other now as they are older or have they always been? Hope all your Christmas wishes come true as well!!
    – Kate

    • Heather says:

      Kate, yes, this is the FIRST year that they have not both asked for the same thing. This is a huge deal to them and has taken a lot of back-and-forth, work, will-power, and negotiation on their part (and a lot of support and encouragement on our part). This is part of parenting twins. So fascinating. I wish I had more time to blog so that I could write more about all of the intricate details of something like this— them choosing to ask for different gifts for the first time ever. Thanks for noticing. And thanks for reading! ~hbj

  • Kate says:

    Forgot to add above that I enjoyed studying the letters and how each of your sons formed his letters, did they write the letters together or separately? I was writing with my cousin’s 6 year old and was so intrigued by how some of letters are reversed (commonly the letter ‘N’ or phoneticized) and not done so consistently throughout the piece of writing, and the size and spacing of the letters. I guess it’s just a part of growing up and learning how to handwrite but it’s remarkable and so fleeting, so it’s special to capture these handwritten notes.
    – Kate

  • Jane Frederick says:

    How great that both boys wrote their own letters. You two must be beaming! Love how Kyle even used a period at the end. You will be so glad you have these archived in years to come!

  • Mal's mama says:

    Heather, I am with YOU on the bow and arrow, but having grown up with a younger brother who became enamored with bows and arrows at 6 and could shoot a robin hood (arrow into the back of ANOTHER arrrow) only a few years later, i know it is just in the genes for some of them and a toy, won’t do.
    Bon chans!

    As for Meera- please come over- we have EVERY Tiana thing ever made, I’m sure- and di you know there are Tiana dolls that transform into frogs, Tiana baby dolls, Tiana toddlers and BIG Tianas?? Just ask Malia! LOL

    May Santa reward!!

  • Maggie says:

    Meera is such a cutie pants!!!!!! 😀
    Good luck sorting out the bow and arrow thing….

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