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“Just Like My Brothers”

Posted by | December 01, 2010 | BAMBINOS, CONSPICUOUS | 6 Comments

M coloring book

Meera loves to color. She colors for long stretches of time, multiple times, every day. Recently Braydon bought her what is now one of her absolute most prized possessions: a “Princess Coloring Book!” It is thick and full of pages and pages of princess scenes to be colored. Meera loves it and spends hours and hours carefully coloring on the pages. She also loves to have someone sit with her and color with her. This usually involves her directing every detail: which page to color, precisely which parts should be colored and which left uncolored, and exactly which color each thing to be colored should be colored. A few days ago I sat with her to color in the Princess Book. She chose the pages in the photo above. She handed me crayons, one by one, chosen carefully by her, and told me exactly which parts of each image to color. First she had me color the right side page—with a brown crayon she had me color the princess’s skin; black for her hair; pink (Meera’s favorite color by far!) for the dress. Then she had me color the left side page—peach for the princess’s skin; yellow for her hair; purple (Meera’s second favorite color) for her dress. She was very pleased with how it came out and marveled in it for quite some time. Finally, after studying the finished product, smiling ear to ear, she announced to me, pointing to the first princess, “She’s brown! Just like my brothers!” I said, “Yes! You’re right! She sure is!” And that was that.


  • Kate says:

    And the other princess is just like Meera! Great anecdote to record in your virtual scrapbook.
    – Kate

  • Kendall says:

    That is so adorable! Meera is growing up so beautifully. A perfect addition to her spectacularly beautiful family.

  • Rebecca says:

    I looked at the picture first, and assumed it was all Meera’s artwork ; ) This is a cute story, and a reminder of how kids most innocent comments are the ones that melt your heart.

  • Katie says:

    Along those same lines, I recently adopted a 2 year old from Africa. My nephew was beyond excited to have a cousin his same age. My sister and her family met me at the airport when we returned and my son and nephew met. My nephew had seen my son’s referral picture everyday for 4 months, but my sister said as they got in the car at the airport my nephew said, “Devin is kinda brown and kinda small.” When my sister told me this I had to reassure her that it is not a big deal and he was simply saying what color Devin’s skin is and meant nothing wrong by it.

  • Kristen says:

    India sits and colors for hours, too. I have to admit, I love it because it is such a welcome quiet compared to her rowdy brothers!

  • Stacey says:

    At first I thought she had coloured those pages herself and I thought holy crap she’s amazing at such a young age–I have never seen a 2 year old colour in the lines. Hehehe.

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