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Happy Adoption Day Kyle & Owen!

Posted by | January 31, 2011 | CONSPICUOUS | 8 Comments

View from Hotel Montana 

(view out the windows from the Hotel Montana ~ January 31, 2005)


Our 6th Adoption Day ~ January 31, 2011

Dear Kyle and Owen,

Six years ago today we were with you in a hotel room in Haiti, spending our first night together as a family of four. You were tiny little babies, and you looked like this:



The Hotel Montana was a strange, complex place in so many ways – and it was, as well, a gorgeous oasis of a hotel in so many ways. I still grieve that it – such a very special place for us – is gone. I remember looking through the hotel windows, out at the views of Port au Prince, and letting my mind wander to a place that I hadn’t let it go prior to holding you two for the first time. But I was a Mama now, and I could let myself think it: ‘What would become of these two precious souls, who had roots in this island, but who were now my very own sons?’ Never could I have imagined that just a few short weeks later you’d look like this:


And even then, in my mind’s eye, I couldn’t have pictured you as the gorgeous, self-confident, stunning, show-stopping boys that you are today:

happy boys cereal at mormors kitchen

You are an amazing mix of so many things, you two. The good and the bad, the gifts and the flaws, the strengths and the weaknesses, the mind-boggling-amazing and the mind-boggling-awful, the sugar and the spice, I love it all. I love it all, I embrace it all, I feel the weight of it all, and I feel the light of it all. And while you are truly challenging to parent (your double-willfulness alone – let alone your double-bottomless-energy – is enough to drive your mama to the brink), the double-joy of you truly flies above all the many hurdles. Your story is so profound already, and –hopefully— we have only just begun on this journey that we’re on with you. Despite what hurdles are surely laid out along our path, the hope far outweighs the trepidation. And so, as I did six years ago, I continue to wonder: ‘What will become of you precious two?’ And I just marvel at how easy it has been for us to give you all that we have, and I marvel too at all the possibilities.

generations - the old and the new

Happy 6th Adoption Day Kyle & Owen! You are the two best things that we ever did with our lives. And you’ve made us happier, richer, and more full-of-life than you could possibly ever imagine! Thank you for adopting us.

Love, your Mama & Papi


  • MorMor says:

    Today is a special day for us grandparents too. Our lives have been enriched so much by Kyle and Owen. I truly can’t imagine life without them. Thank you Heather and Braydon for adopting them. Happy Adoption Day!

  • Ani says:

    Happy adoption day to your entire family! I have loved following your adventures and look forward to many, many great things from your dynamic duo (and Ms M too!)

  • Gail says:

    MorMor is absolutely right. People roll their eyes when I talk about the boys. They simply can’t believe how special they are. But it’s true!

  • Kate says:

    Happy Adoption Day Kyle and Owen!! Happy Adoption Day Heather, Braydon and Meera!! That photo of the boys in their red PJs is so priceless, their joy overflows out of the photo and out of my computer screen and into my heart. Hope you all have a great day and year ahead.

  • Haley says:

    Happy Adoption Day to Kyle and Owen!! What a beautiful letter from your Mommy and Daddy! May you always know how loved and cherished you truly are!

    Heather and Braydon…Not sure if you know these people, they also adopted from Haiti and happen to live in PA, too. I love reading their blog.

  • Kathrin says:

    Happy adoption day!

  • Anna says:

    HAPPY ADOPTION DAY! Now you made me cry again….your boys are gorgeous, and your daughter is so sweet. My Abe would have a heck of time playing with your K & O and would instantly fall in love with Meera (loves blondes!)…..maybe one day, if one of your trips takes to you Italy, give me a shout and we can make it happen (I hope Abenezer will have enough English to get by).

  • Sarah Kate says:

    Bless you guys xx

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