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A Vacation in The Lowcountry (1 of 3)

Posted by | June 30, 2011 | TRAVEL | 4 Comments


We went to The Lowcountry of South Carolina seeking a low-key, slow-paced, deep south break from our reality. We went for a week of simple things; a grounding, a re-connecting, a reminding. We got it.

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“I dream of simple things I can believe in, like the feeling this day brings, true love, and the miracle of forgiving. I believe in simple things.” ~Amy Grant, lyrics from her song ‘Simple Things’

It was a week of simple things in their finest form. Crab straight from the creek, caught with our own hands, and cooked right off the dock, dipped in drawn butter – the sweetest crab we’ve ever had. Watermelon picked ripe that day – the juiciest, most delicious watermelon we’ve ever tasted. Shrimp caught by boats trawling right off the beach where we spent our days in the sun. Salt, and water, and sand, and shells. Marsh grasses and a long wooden dock with oyster beds in the mud beneath. Silence. Pelicans and dolphins. Jellyfish washed up onshore and “Don’t feed the alligators!” and thousands of tiny fiddler crabs scurrying everywhere. Bare feet. Sunrises and sunsets. Fishing poles and sand shovels. Watching the tides come in. Watching the tides go out.

It was deliriously magical in its simplicity. It reminded us: we can believe in simple things.


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watermelon on the beach a watermelon on the beach

Braydon on the dock

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  • Megan says:

    Heather- your pictures are just gorgeous! You are wildly talented. And of course- you have beautiful children to take pictures of :-)

  • stacey says:

    Pics are amazing….as usual ;-). Is it safe to say that a 15 hour trip is better with a mini van? Be honest….your a convert arent you? Admit it HBJ!

    • Heather says:

      Ha! Stacey! I will *never* drive the thing, never ever ever, but YES it sure does make for a nice roadtrip! (passenger seat included!)

  • Sarah kate says:

    Those photos are ‘simply’ beautiful. The peace is palpable. I particularly love the ones of Meera doing her own thing. And the rare pic of Braydon. Thanks as always for sharing. Welcome back.

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