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Meera’s 3rd Birthday: A Fancy Pink Tea Party

Posted by | June 02, 2011 | Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Fancy Pink

I savored every bit of making a Fancy Pink Tea Party for Meera’s 3rd Birthday, and I savored every bit of the post-party blogging. If you’re not interested, just skip all this (and call me crazy! or write me off as a mommy-professor who doesn’t get to indulge in creative endeavors nearly often enough! or whatever!). If, however, you do want to read all about The Fancy Pink, then just be aware that I’ve posted in five installments, all of which appear below (you’ll need to scroll down to read them all). Or, you can click here:

Part I – Planning and Prepping for the Fancy Pink Tea Party

Part II – Birthday Morning

Part III – The Guests Arrive

Part IV – Fancy Pink Tea Party Time

Part V – The End


  • M3 says:

    What a gorgeous, fancy, perfectly pink party!!!! Love it. Happy bday Meera.

    And I can so relate to the late-night frenzied glue gunning, by the way. 😉 My friend and fellow party planner Maggie has forbidden me to look at the internet in the week leading up to our next party because of the many, many emails she has gotten that start with “Oooooo, do you think we could do this in time for the party?” Heh.

  • Kate says:

    I’m loving the colour scheme, those pale peach/rose pink paper lanterns and the flowers and table cloth are so beautiful – you did such a great job incorporating different pinks to make it look chic, vibrant and also under-stated rather than brash and in your face like the “marketed pink” merchandise that you see lining toy store shelves. Thanks for laying this out in installments, it makes it fun to read too!! You’re the opposite of crazy, the love you feel for your special girl exudes from these blog posts!!!
    – Kate

  • laura says:

    what a fabulous celebration of meera! loved all the details (read!) awesome.

  • jonez says:

    Best. Mama. (&MorMor) Ever.

    A beautiful birthday recap.

    I’m not even going to ask how you are going to top that because I know you WILL.

  • Em says:

    So beautiful – can you throw me a pink party next?! I am glad a good time was had by all, and that everything turned out so lovely! Happy Birthday Meera!

  • Kerry says:

    A truly fabulous looking party! And of course more importantly, looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Happy Belated Birthday, Meera!

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