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First Friday: Kyle & Mommy

Posted by | September 02, 2011 | Uncategorized | 6 Comments

CB with K 1 CB 2

First Friday now has a proven track record. 7 out of 7 times it has been a massive success in every possible way. Tonight was the special night for Kyle and me: The first Friday of September. I went out on a limb and veered way off track from our typical patterns of behavior – I took Kyle to Cracker Barrel. I had never been to a Cracker Barrel before. I knew their reputation to be “simple southern country food.” I also knew that you could potentially make a night of it there— playing checkers and sitting in rockers and browsing the “Country Store.” But this is not my kind of place. Normally I’d never choose the kind of food Cracker Barrel serves (for my entire adult life I’ve always chosen a little hole-in-the-wall ethnic restaurant over any “American” food and/or chain restaurant). And the fact is that over the past 15 years or so I’ve become quite a ‘foodie’ (semi-ashamed to admit that). Many of my closer friends (especially those who have been guests at my dinner parties) would probably chuckle at hearing me say that I spent Friday night at a Cracker Barrel, but they probably wouldn’t be totally shocked either (I’m always willing to try anything). Well, thanks to Cracker Barrel, Kyle and I had a splendid night on the town! We came home grinning ear-to-ear with happy satisfaction with an AWESOME First Friday mother-son date night. We made a whole night of it, and loved every bit of it. The food was great (both Kyle and I can appreciate a good thing, and the food we had was a good thing— honestly really simple, basic, good food!), the old fashioned peg game that we played at our table throughout dinner made for some real fun, our after-dinner checkers match (yes, while sitting in rockers) was downright delightful, and the Country Store gave way to some terrific gifts for Kyle to bring home to his brother and sister. Kyle was literally skipping out of the place as we left, with a huge smile across his face. And I felt like I had really connected one-on-one with my precious son… which makes me feel like the happiest, luckiest, most contented mama on earth. It was such a splendid night.


  • Phyl says:

    I’m glad that you and Kyle had a great time. I was just wondering if you are aware of the controversy and charges of racism that have been associated with that chain of restaurants. I have been to a Cracker Barrel a couple of times but felt uneasy being there because of that reputation.

  • Shirley Stanton says:

    We love Cracker Barrel as did all of our kids as they were growing up. I love your special nights out with your kids! We used to do family nights with our kids. We had 4, 2 girls, 2 boys with 14 years between the oldest and youngest. Every month my husband or I would draw out two names. That parent would then plan a special night with those two children for the whole family. The children chosen got to help decide the night. One stand out was: January, two feet of snow EVERYWHERE! My oldest son Clinton chose a campfire and sparklers in the back yard, our youngest Serenity chose s’mores,my husband decided on a total cookout. My husband and the two kids shoveled snow, pulled out camping chairs etc. It was just too fun!

  • Kate says:

    Sweet times!! Love the checkers playing in the rocking chair photo!

  • stevensh93 says:

    Fun, fun, fun! Never been to a Cracker Barrel, but just may have to try it now(not sure there’s one near us in CT, but will find out!) I love one-on-one time with my 2 (they are 4 and 2)-they are young, but already seem to appreciate “their time” and I really try and carve out special time with each of them amongst our crazy days of two working parents, school, life, etc.! I love reading your blog-love it all and thank you for sharing. Your family is wonderful and I love reading the “real” stuff you share-some blogs are just too sugar-coated for me-I want to hear about real life! :)

  • stevensh93 says:

    I also love that you are a “foodie” ( I think of myself as one as well!) I loved reading your post a while back about things you feed your family-exotic things as well as Annie’s mac and cheese-that’s what I love about you…you are real! I love that my kids love Indian food and all kinds of other foods already (at 4 and 2), but we also have plenty of nights that include pizza from the local pizza place and mac and cheese from a box! :)

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