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Chincoteague, 2 of 2

Posted by | February 05, 2012 | TRAVEL | 7 Comments

hotel sign feeding ponies 2


looking for ponies

the three the three G

boys football 3

m on beach 1 m at beach 6

sandcastle 1 k m piggy back

h at beach

the three dig

the inevitable 5

the inevitable 7

don's seafood wright's seafood

ponies a

shells 2

owen's shells

beach view lighthouse

egret shrimp boats

nature hike the three

nature hike 1 nature hike M B look

nature hike crazy pose

elevator pool 1

nature guide

room dinner

photo taking 1

photo taking 2

feeding birds 1

feeding birds 5

feeding birds 6

fishing K2

fishing M2 fishing O hot chocolate

the three at hotel dock

Misty movie

playing at the beach playing at the beach 4

kite 1 kite 2

h and kids 1 shell collecting M

NASA 1  



  • Ani says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate such a day! I had never heard of Chincoteague – loved, loved reading your recap and looking through the pics. It looks like a magical place. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kate says:

    Love all these photos – so enchanting and what fun!! I love how many areas of outstanding beauty there are across the world, it’s so wonderful to take the time to explore them :)
    – Kate

  • MorFar says:

    Wow! Makes me want to go there. Especially Don’s! Love, MorFar

  • Kris says:

    Hi Heather,
    I’ve long wanted to go there. As always your pictures are gorgeous and your family even moreso. Happy Adoption Day!

    I hope to see you guys this summer.


  • Kristine says:

    There is something magical about these pictures, about your family. Again thank you for sharing the lovely (and not so lovely) moments of your lives.

  • Tracy says:

    I love the photos and seeing how you mark this day!
    I’m also the mom of twins (open, domestic adoption when my twins were 9 weeks old) and have such mixed feelings about celebrating this day, which we call Family Day (the day on which we became a family). When my daughters were small, we’d have more of a celebration, but as they’ve gotten older (they are 9) and are processing the loss of one family/life while clearly enjoying our family/life we mark the day as one of transition more than celebration. We do this by telling them their adoption story, including the part their birthparents played on that day. It seems very important to them to know that while we were very happy to become a family, we knew and understood the sadness that this decision brought to their birthparents and that we don’t mind if they are also sad or confused about the decision. (This is more important to one, than the other — do your boys process their adoption differently? My girls sure do!)
    So our family day is now a day where we run a gamut of emotions while helping them to understand their story and their history.

  • jonez says:

    I love your vacations! Can I come to the next one? Where are all the food pictures. How can you describe that amazing crab dip and not show a picture??? Awesome travel post as always. :)

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