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First Friday: Meera and Papi

Posted by | March 08, 2012 | BAMBINOS | 5 Comments

This past summer Meera and I had our First Friday with a picnic at a fountain she could play in.  When we go by there now she often comments on it and how fun it was.  Or maybe I just remember it that way: sitting with her playing and our enjoying it so much.

Six months – and seemingly a lifetime for a three year old – time stops for nobody – it’s First Friday for us.  And with six months comes a whole lot more fancy.  So we dressed up for the occasion.

When you get that dressed up, and you’re three, you start to worry that we might be leaving for a long time and you start to worry and start to miss mommy.  But knowing that there is going to be great dessert makes it alright. That and assurance we’re coming home and a hug.

At our favorite French-Thai restaurant in Bethlehem – The Cafe – we had the place to ourselves.  They waited on us hand and foot.  And despite the down-to-earthness of the attentive staff, it was fancy.

For Meera, it was the glasses that made it fancy (since she had white rice and steamed veggies).

For me it was the Tom Yum, the chicken satay,

and green curry.

But really the food was unimportant compared to being scared by the “broccoli monster”.

After a while, my sweet, smart, pretty and adorable girl

Starting missing mommy.

But with a hug, it was finally, at long last, time for dessert. And everything was ok. Which you’d have to eat to fully understand how that can be.

The sweetest part was driving home having had a fancy First Friday with my daughter.





  • Ashley says:

    Miss Meera might be a mama’s girl, but Braydon, she’s definitely YOUR mini me!! You two look like twins in the first photo ! So glad you had a fun date with your sweet girl :-)

  • Shirley Stanton says:

    Too sweet for words!! You make me miss my kids when they were little, however, I have 3 grandsons with another baby on the way (maybe just maybe a little girl for the grandmama who is the Queen of Tea Parties and dolls :) Whatever, I plan my very own “special” days with each grandchild as often as I can! I am blessed with very sharing mommies and daddies of my grandchildren! I do so love your blog. As I prepare at 5:30 am to leave in a few minutes to go to work where I will have EIGHTEEN 3 year olds all day long (10 1/2 hours :)(with an aide of course) I so enjoy reading about your family!

  • Kendall says:

    Oh this is so sweet. I miss my daddy! (I’m in Spain, he’s in the USA.) It is so wonderful to see your father-daughter bonding with Meera. You are teaching her invaluable lessons about what it means to be a real man, living in love with females. I love it!

  • Kate says:

    So great! Love time spent with my Dad. A great post about what sounds like a fab time for you both! And that dessert looks divine!
    – Kate

  • Ani says:

    Such a sweet tradition! Dates with Daddy are the best, at 37 I still treasure one on one with my dad.

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