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Meera’s 4th Birthday (1 of 4)

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Meera's Birthday

Meera on her 4th Birthday, May 28, 2012

Meera turned four with a flourish of festivities that were just right for our sweet special girl. [She had made it very clear– she did not want 100 people on the guest list, as K & O have for their birthdays; she did not want it to last too long, as opposed to K & O who would go for days upon days if we’d let them; she was very concerned to make sure that her friends all had lots and lots and lots of fun; she was excited, but also nervous for the impending big day, and she let us all know it.] “Well, my little girl,” I assured her, “you’ve got just the right Mama for you. I know just how to do this.” And, it should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: “Your big brothers and your Papi?! Well, they’ve got you covered. You need not fret.”

All her 4-year-old birthday dreams came true– a “Tea & Bubbles” Party; a bike for her ‘end-of-the-bed-present’ from Mommy and Papi (complete with perfect hand-made basket from MorMor!); “high heels” (from Owen– you can always count on him); and her first ever “real Barbie” (a toy that she had been coveting, and her Mama had been holding out on, for approximately four solid years, and one which Kyle found the perfect opportunity to present her with); a day at the pool; and a Slip-n-Slide fest with her brothers. As Meera has been saying, over and over and over again, in the days that have followed, “It was awesome!”

When the strawberries are in season, and there are flowers everywhere, that is when you know it is Meera’s birthday.

flowers 1 flowers 2

We settled on a “Tea & Bubbles Party.” We sent out the invitations–

meera invite meera invite 2

–and we waited for the day to arrive. (The excited anticipation is at least half the fun!) Once MorMor and MorFar arrive, we have a tradition of 3-generational-pedicures in preparation for the big day–

pedicures 3 pedicures 2

pedicures 4

(MorMor and me were absolutely stunned when Meera chose yellow! Yellow?!?! Not pink?! There was absolutely no explanation, other than that on the verge of turning 4 it is clearly a girl’s prerogative to turn on a dime and to shock and surprise! And shock and surprise that choice of yellow sure did! Note: the “sparkles on top of the yellow” was absolutely no surprise at all.)

And then, with our painted toes, we got the party started! ~~~ Some things are too good to put to words. I’m gonna let the photos tell the story from here…

scene 1 scene 2

playstand 2 playstand 1

bubbles b balloons on mailbox

bffs 1 bffs 2 bffs 3

bubbles great bubbles 10 bubbles 19

bubbles 7 Meera happy 2

bubbles c

bubbles 9 bubbles 12

bubbles 16

bubbles 13

bubbles 15

bubbles 14

bubbls 17

bubbles 18

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