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Top Five: Great Chapter Books for Black Boys (#4 of 5)

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#4 The Miami Jackson Series by Patricia & Fredrick McKissack

Miami 3 Miami 1 Miami 2

Patricia McKissack is an incredible author of stellar children’s books. She’s been really prolific in this realm, often collaborating with amazing co-authors and illustrators. Just Google her, or Wikipedia her, or do an search for her name, and you’ll see a huge list of incredible books and resources for children. She and her husband, Fredrick McKissack, have written numerous Coretta Scott King Award-winning books (which says all you need to know). Kyle and Owen loved all three of the books in their Miami Jackson series. The kids in this series really come alive on the page, and the story lines are laugh-out-loud humorous. This series includes:

  • Miami Jackson Gets it Straight
  • Miami Jackson Makes the Play
  • Miami Jackson Sees it Through

A great trio of books!

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