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Quote of the Day: “Addicted to Fashion”

Posted by | February 27, 2014 | BAMBINOS | 3 Comments

fashion 2

Meera: “ I love fashion! I love pretty, fancy things! I’m addicted to fashion!”

She even cooks (for a crowd no less!) in fashion~~

a cook 1

a cook set table

a feeds a crowd

a final


  • MorMor says:

    Isn’t that the cutest play house? Meera is the just the cutest in her dress with all her plates and food. Just darling. I Love her!!!

  • Kate says:

    WOW!! So many thoughts!!
    1) Love Meera’s fashion here and always, you go girl!!!
    2) Meera, you definitely have a fab fashion sense, the outfit is so chic — I wish I had it!!
    3) I love your playhouse, it’s so so wonderful to see a real wooden playhouse, rather than plastic pink!
    4) So wonderful to see the playhouse outdoors on a Uni Campus like one would have in one’s backyard!
    5) What a treat for College students to observe and have there. It does wonders for connecting college kids to the real world (for the here and now and their futures (as parents/relatives/friends with kids etc) and preventing too much of “Campus Bubble life”.
    6) The snow around the playhouse is so beautiful in a strange way (can’t really describe why)– glad to see Meera’s not letting it stop her – rain, snow or shine!
    7) I would be super cold — hope Meera wasn’t freezing without a coat and tights!!
    8) Hope you had a delightful party Meera — wish I could join ;)!
    9) I have so many fond memories of playing with pretend food and plates…..and then endless games with my 4 yr old cousin’s child!
    10) Love it!
    – Kate

  • Shirley L. Stanton says:

    Love that she loves fashion and playing house!! My kind of little girl!!

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