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A Mothers&Sons Getaway

Posted by | March 02, 2014 | BAMBINOS | 6 Comments


We each drove three hours to meet up halfway between where we both live. 2 moms, 3 boys, for a Mother&Son Getaway. We checked into the hotel and proceeded directly to the pool. The Haitian Sensations swam and played like there was no tomorrow. Their moms put their feet up, drank rum punch, and talked like there was no tomorrow. The pool closed at 11pm, so we called it a day. We slept in cozy beds, in rooms that we didn’t have to clean. We woke up the next morning, ate a breakfast that we didn’t have to make, and then hit the pool again (substituting coffee for rum punch).

From check-in to check-out we never left that hotel once. We planned it perfectly: we planned to do nothing but spend some time together. By the time we left, the boys were convinced that they are biological cousins. And the moms were re-reminded that real-deal-friendship is the key to getting through life relatively whole-and-intact. It was a combined total of approximately 12 hours driving time. For one night away. But that Mother&Son Getaway was priceless. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, and I’d drive double the distance. It was that good, for us all.

Love you Erin & Geoff! xoxox



  • Rachel S says:

    The resemblance is striking. It looks like everyone had an awesome time!!!

  • Kristen Smith says:

    When the page loaded I thought for a second that something was wrong with my eyes and I was seeing double/triple! Maybe they truly are cousins. :)

  • Megan says:

    They seriously look like triplets! Maybe they are really related! They sure look it!!

  • Kate says:

    Wow!! I was just thinking of your Fabulous First Friday weekends, wondering how it’s going. Love the photos, so so cool and what a gift for you all!! What a memory-keeper! So wonderful to connect with each other and added bonus, a night away with no chores!
    – Kate

  • Grammy Carol says:

    Do you guys know how awesome you are? I mean really?? You always manage to pose in some position that takes my breath away. NOW you’ve found a friend who looks just like you and I cannot believe there is another person in the whole wide world who looks like you. Great stuff. I look forward to seeing if you can sneak your friend in another picture to surprise us! Thankyou ~ with hugs and kissses.

  • Hope says:

    How sweet and important it is for mothers to spend quality time with their sons. Love the fact that they all have locs, too!

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