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Kids and Technology Hangout

Posted by | March 05, 2014 | BAMBINOS | 3 Comments

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We haven’t done any promotion on our blog, since it’s really a family record and our way of remembering these years of parenting our young kids. I guess we mostly spend our time trying to be good parents, and making progress in our work. I’d like to say that we also have tons of creative hobbies and a super, active social life, but you know that’s not true!

And one of the things we, and lots of American parents, are thinking about and dealing with, is how much technology our kids are using on a daily basis. Tablets, cell phones, computers, streaming media, television; the screen engagement is tremendous.  In years past, there was the “sweet 16” and the new-found freedom of getting a drivers license and maybe a car. But today it seems that most teens would take a smartphone over a vehicle. Freedom has taken on a new form.  And it’s a form that is staring us all in the face…literally.

But when our adult heads are down in our phones for email, facebook, texting or amazon and our kids need to use iPads in the class, and our music is coming from the phone plugged into the stereo, or we can finish a movie on the TV that we started on a tablet, and the moment we’re not connected is a moment of fear and trepidation of missing something, what do we do?

What do we do when we look up from our screens and see our 5 year old staring at a screen just the way we do?  What do we do when we hear our parents’ nagging voice in our heads to move away from the TV, that our heads will turn to mush, that you’ve exceeded your 2 hour cartoon limit, that you need to go outside and play?  How do we handle that with our own kids?

Alex and Alexa asked us to chime in on this very question in a Google Hangout, and it was something I felt would be a great conversation to have. Join us Thursday at 1:30 PM EDT to find out if we have anything worthwhile to say about it.

Click here to see it, or just watch it here:




  • Kate says:

    Oh that’s great, Braydon! I’ll catch up on YouTube as it’ll be 2:30am here!! This is an issue I think about a lot too, although childless I wonder what technology Norms & trends will be when I have children….
    – Kate

  • Melissa says:

    It was really fun to see Braydon on this! I enjoyed the conversation overall.

  • Kate says:

    Loved watching this segment – thanks Braydon for sharing it and taking the time to participate! Gave me a lot of food for thought. I like the idea of getting yourself and your kids to think what else can we do/what can we do next after using technology. Also so true about highly addictive technology….really needs to monitor that as I can see how addictive games can take over one’s life.
    – Kate

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