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The Big Bounce Birthday Bash of 2014! (2 of 2)

Posted by | June 06, 2014 | BAMBINOS | 3 Comments

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We sang “Happy Birthday To You” three times. Three wishes were made. Three sets of candles were blown out. It was “strawberry shortcake cake” all around (vanilla cake, with fresh strawberries in the center, and whipped cream “frosting” — thank you Lehigh Catering!)

cakes singingcake Owen candles

cake Meera 3

cake Kyle candles

cake scene

By the end of the afternoon we had three overdone, overstimulated, overexposed bambinos and one completely tired puppy! This is the telltale sign of a good party: pure and utter exhaustion! There were no goody bags or party favors at this party (unless you count the bouncy balls that poured out of the pinatas)… but instead, we gave a gift to each and every parent: an early bedtime that night for every kid who was at that bash — kids who were way too tired to put up a bedtime battle (you wouldn’t believe how many thank-you emails I received from grateful parents! now that’s the party favor every parent wants!).

bambinos birthday

Most importantly, I had three bambinos who went to bed that night grateful, appreciative (I wouldn’t do this if they weren’t), thrilled-beyond-belief with their party, and happy. Deep in their souls I am 100% certain they felt special and adored. I am not the world’s greatest mother, I screw up plenty, and I do lots of stuff badly, but once a year I do something really, really right. And it is moments like this that let me know that is the truth:


There is no doubt that The Big Bounce Birthday Bash of 2014 will go down in our family history as one of our best birthday parties ever.

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  • Sharon says:

    Wonderful!!! However, I still like the Fairy Forest Birthday party of last year.

  • Sharon says:

    Oh I forgot to mention, what a wonderful gift that you’ve given your children. They know that they are completely adored and loved…….UNCONDITIONALLY!!

  • Kate says:

    What fun!! So wonderful pulling off a big bash – I remember fondly the birthday bashes involving garden treasure-hunts & playing hard – no themes needed! So true we all need time to be centre of attention, full focus, special, loved, celebrated, feeling like a million bucks like Rock stars! And it’s so fulfilling to do that for others to make them feel so special and loved! Wonderful Mama you are Heather!
    – Kate

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