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3rd Annual South Side Film Festival “5 Great Chefs” Fundraiser!

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Last night was the South Side Film Festival‘s 3rd Annual Fundraiser at Molinari’s. Braydon and I have been wanting to attend this since its first year, but weren’t able due to prior commitments for the nights of the 1st Annual and the 2nd Annual. This year, however — third time’s a charm! — we lucked out!

What an amazing night!

We are so fortunate to live in a revitalizing, blossoming, historic conservation district, and last night’s event was — in my mind — a testament to the flourishing of Bethlehem’s South Side. It was symbolic for me; a real statement of the work of those who have been fighting tirelessly for years to stay true to the best interests of the South Side and its community. Big shout out here to — among many — our dear friends Georgeann and Jeff Vaclavik (love you!), and our favorite local foodie spot Molinari’s (love you too!)!

Seriously, you kinda had to be there to get what I’m saying here, but really: it was a beautiful, delicious night representing some of the best of the best things happening in our tiny little corner of the world. And a whole bunch of money was raised for the South Side Film Festival too!

Not only did Braydon and I get to go, but we got to go with a very large table of friends whom we adore. And for that, we need to give another big shout out (and a huge thank you) to our very generous friends Diane and Chris Martin (love you two too!).

The dinner began with passed appetizers and a delicious sparkling wine. We then proceeded to indulge in five delicious courses, each presented by a different local chef, and each paired with amazing Italian wines. We ate, we drank, we laughed and laughed and laughed. We clapped for the celebrity chefs of our local foodie world, and we cheered for the South Side Film Festival. It was a memorable, wonderful night. Thanks to all who made it happen!

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