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4th of July 2015

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parade 24th of July Highlight:  This was our third 4th of July on Harbor Island. The first two we decorated our golf cart and were in the annual golf cart parade. This year we all decided we’d try being viewers of the parade. The parade begins at 10am. So we decided to make a brunch of it. We set up our little viewing spot and settled in for the festivities with the rest of the Harbor Island parade-viewing revelers. In the end we all agreed that viewing/brunching it was much more fun than being in it!parade viewing parade 1 parade spread parade

4th of July Bookends: Start-of-Day ~ Meera started her day with a dream come true for her! She’d been wanting to get up early and be the first at the pool. She’s a lucky girl to have a Papi who will indulge such dreams. They were at the pool at 7am and had it all to themselves for two whole hours! 4th swim

End-of-Day ~ Strangely enough (I think it is strange), the bambinos really have zero interest in going to see the fireworks. They do, however, have a strong interest in setting off their own “fireworks” (snaps, sparklers, little confetti poppers, etc.). Our 4th ended with our own little “fireworks” display in the driveway. And lots and lots of trifle4th O 4th K 4th M 4th M 2

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