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Food from the Beach House: Peaches and Cream Muffins

Posted by | July 21, 2015 | Food from the Beach House | One Comment

Peaches and CreamA longtime blog reader, Kate, left a recipe for “Peaches and Cream” muffins in the comments of my Strawberries and Cream Muffins post. It looked like a great recipe (thank you Kate!), and I’ll definitely try it someday. But, 1) doing a cream cheese center seemed like too much of a fuss for a beach house recipe, and 2) adding moisture to the muffins with sour cream and/or yogurt seems to be the key to Kyle’s muffin-loving-heart, and the recipe called only for oil. However, the Peaches&Cream idea was totally inspiring to me and I immediately thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?!?!” Why would I be using strawberries when I could be using our deliriously good South Carolina peaches in a beach house muffin?!?!!

Thus was born not Kyle’s favorite muffin, but Owen’s favorite muffin! Kyle still stands by the Strawberries and Cream, but Owen says these Peaches and Cream muffins are the very best he’s ever had in his whole entire 11-year-old life. I have to agree with Owen– I prefer the peach to the strawberry.

I used the exact same recipe for Strawberries and cream but subbed peeled and diced fresh peaches for the strawberries. I also sprinkled these with a little sugar before baking, which gives muffins a nice top crust.

The original recipe is here: STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM MUFFINS

NOTE: I often sub plain, low-fat, Greek yogurt for sour cream in this muffin recipe.



One Comment

  • Kate says:

    A beautiful plate of muffins!! That’s a great adaption Heather, I’ll have to give it a go too, thanks for sharing it.
    – Kate

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