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Catch & Release: an afternoon at Harbor Island

Posted by | August 04, 2015 | BAMBINOS | No Comments

IMG_9978On the beach, she’s catching fiddler crabs!IMG_9984Like this one! Catch!IMG_9966Release! …But her release = Dash starts for the catch!IMG_9963(this is what they’re after! both of them just want to play with them, then let them go. they’ve spent HOURS doing this!)IMG_9974Meanwhile…  In the water, the boys are after their own catch.IMG_0085And Dash is right there for the action!IMG_0090Catch! A catch in the net cast = a few minutes for Dash to play with it, then it’s onto the rod…catch 1…for another catch!release 1

…then release! …And their release = Dash’s turn to attempt the catch! (he never manages to get it in the water)

And it goes on and on like this for HOURS.IMG_0094

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