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Water Baby

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We’re in a new routine this semester — on Thursdays Braydon brings K & O to their Kung Fu class. The class is from 5:00-5:30, but (between getting out the door, the drive to/from, getting coats/boots/hats/mittens on/off, getting settled in and getting back out, etc. etc.) they are actually gone from about 4:30-6:00. This is an hour and a half each week that I get to spend alone with Meera. This time of day has always been her hardest (as I think it is for almost all babies/toddlers/kids/grown-ups), but still… it is such a nice treat to get to spend a good chunk of time with her each Thursday afternoon/evening. Kyle and Owen used to love playing in the sink when they were Meera’s age. This water play has become a great activity for Meera and I while the boys are all out at Kung Fu.


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The boys have been obsessed with the Lion King ever since we went to see it for our Adoption Day (click). We bought the Broadway show soundtrack (click) for them, and they listen to it obsessively every single day. Oftentimes they not only listen to it, but act out their favorite parts to the music. They have a few of the songs memorized. And they are Simba for large portions of each day. Owen got it in his head that he really, really wanted me to “paint” him to look like the “Young Simba” from the play. He obsessed over this until finally I found, and bought, body paint so that I could do it. We’ve done the body-paint-Young-Simba thing a couple times now. The boys love it. Meera wants a little something painted on her, too, of course. And then they all dance around dramatically to the Lion King music– Kyle and Owen acting out key parts of the story, and Meera just trying her best to keep up with them. It is all very action packed. You can just imagine. Anyway… the funniest part is that we go through this whole dramatic LionKingMania, and then, just as if nothing ever happened, next thing you know, we’re all eating dinner… body paint and all. On the particular night of the photos below it was all very dramatic and action-packed, and then… sure enough… we found ourselves eating chili. Never, ever a dull moment around these parts.

1 Snow Day in 12 Snapshots

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We woke up to this. We were expecting it, but still… it was ‘Wow!’ We don’t get this kind of snow around here very often (actually, never, since we’ve lived here). No school. No Margie. A “Mommy Day!!!” (Papi working from home). As overwhelming as this is to a working mother, one thing I’ve learned is to try to just take a few deep breaths, try to let go of all the missed deadlines and need-to-reschedule-meetings and over-flowing-email-inbox and just embrace it. With a lot of hard work over the past five years, I have become pretty dang good at embracing it. Today, it turns out, was just what we all needed. It is the depths of winter, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, Braydon has been fully immersed in his work, and three out of the five of us (H, M, K) are currently on antibiotics for nasty sick stuff. Today we had a deep down good day. Probably a Top 20 Day of the past year. Thanks to the piled high and piling higher snow forcing us (well, let’s face it, me) to just be home.
Breakfast (yogurt, granola, berries) and dominoes.
Meera took a 3-hour-long morning nap (yes, she still does the marathon napping thing often). The boys and I spent that entire time cooking together in the kitchen. They have become such great helpers in the kitchen. For real. They peeled carrots, boiled and peeled hard-boiled eggs, fried up bacon, grated cheese. And then they chopped up huge mound of carrots, celery, onion, and potatoes… for…
A big batch of lamb stew… which they seriously made almost entirely on their own (with only minimal coaching by me). It sat on the stove simmering for the rest of the day just waiting for dinner-time.
Lunch was spinach salad and cantaloupe on the floor by the fireplace.
We spent much of the afternoon birdwatching. There was a bird bonanza at our bird-feeder all day long.
And finally!… after weeks of patiently waiting!… birds appeared today at the window birdfeeders at the boys’ bedrooms. These window feeders were their Christmas presents this year from Mama and Papi. They’ve been carefully waiting for the moment the birds would come. And today was the day! K & O were so excited that they wanted to put slices of bread in the feeders. I let them. They watched, at their bedroom windows, so silently and still, on-and-off for hours all afternoon. Their baby sister created quite a problem by repeatedly running in being her silly-toddler-self and “scaring the birds away!!!” So I had to distract her for much of the time…
…with one of her new favorite activities: coloring. (Ah!!! finally I get a crafty one!!!!!!!!!)
We did venture out in the snow.
And I finally cheered “Video Time!!!” (much to the boys’ delight) at about 4:00. Curious George, of course.
Dinner was the lamb stew. And a loaf of Braydon’s bread. By candlelight as we watched the snow piling higher and higher on our deck.
Like I said, probably a Top 20 Day of the year.
And the snow is still coming down.

4 Weeks

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The earthquake was four weeks ago today. To say that we’ve been profoundly effected by this is an understatement. We feel that the earth shifted under our feet — figuratively speaking, that is, of course — because we are incessantly conscientiously aware that the part of the earth on which we live did not, in fact, shake under us… which makes it just feel so very, very wrong to even mention the grief and despair and world-turned-upside-down-feelings that we are feeling here in the J-M household in these days since January 12. I really just don’t know what to say about it. All I know is that I can’t seem to find a way to bring myself back to acting like all is “normal” and o.k. when, really, it isn’t. There is a lot going on with this, much of which I cannot write about on the blog. For now, we’re just trying to live through this, since we know that there is no good or right way to try to live around it, over it, or under it. It is what it is. It is our life. And so we keep on with it.

Today I bought three copies of this special edition that Time Magazine recently put out. I bought them — 1 for each of our children — to put away with the special items that I’m collecting for them. Some day, when the time is right (like when they are 16 or 18 or 20), I’ll give each of them a box of special meaningful items that I’ve been collecting for them over the years of their lives. For Kyle and Owen, over the past six years, amongst other things I’ve been storing away some special Haiti-related things. Never in a million years could I ever have imagined I’d be putting something like this into their boxes.

Anderson Cooper returns to Haiti

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We’re not ones to repost other blog posts, but I think this really deserves mention. Previously we were not CNN followers and didn’t know of Anderson Cooper other than in passing.  But with their coverage of Haiti lately, we’ve become fans.  And with the latest blog post Anderson wrote we’re now a lot more than fans.

He captures the sentiment a lot of people who are not in Haiti, but who have been there and have a connection to Haiti, feel right now.  We’ve always said that once you go, it gets under your skin.  It’s a rather trite saying, particularly right now, but maybe it has meaning.

For anyone who has been to Haiti at any time, his comments will resonate.  For everyone who cares about the world not forgetting; we appreciate what Anderson Cooper and CNN are doing.

Grandma Lorraine

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Early this morning my Grandma Lorraine died. Above is my favorite photo of her from recent years. This woman was full of faith, pride, and dignity. She taught me a lot as I watched her over the years. The biggest thing I learned from watching her was acceptance. She had to accept so many things over the course of her life– changes that she never could have anticipated and changes that she did not necessarily agree with. But, to me, it seemed that the key for her was this: when she searched deep in her faith, then she found it in herself to accept. This was not easy for her. This is not easy for any of us. But she did it. And she did it with dignity. I learned from watching her with that. One example out of many is, of course, her acceptance of her brown-skinned great-grandsons. Imagine how far from her reality it would have been to consider the possibility that she’d be great-grandmother to two black boys born in Haiti. Well, she lived it. She accepted with faith and love. And she came to love those boys and find great joy and beauty in all that they are. She told me many times of how much she marveled at, and appreciated, what Braydon and I had done in adopting Kyle and Owen. And for that, for so many reasons, I will always be grateful. And really, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Grandma Lorraine lived a long, full, and rich life. The thing that stands out to me most of all was her life-long love-affair with my Grandpa Les. Another lesson learned from watching over the years: that it is possible to live out a life-long marriage of commitment and devotion. Again, from what I could see, they did it by rooting it in their faith. They were believers. And they never gave up. Through thick and thin, through sickness and through health, in richer and in poorer, they stuck it out. The most beautiful part of all (at least to those of us watching from the outside looking in) was that these two truly were in love with each other as soul-mates and best friends. I hope that Braydon and I can follow in their footsteps. I feel grateful to have been able to witness first-hand my grandparents’ version of a steadfast marriage. In the past two weeks, as Grandma Lorraine began to slip away, my heart breaks for my grandfather. For as long as their lives have been, and as much as they anticipated that the end was near, it still makes me cry just to think of how he must be hurting in seeing her go. I hope, for his heart’s sake, that he will be able to be with her relatively soon. I’m sure each day until then will feel like an eternity to him. On the other hand, everything is relative. This morning when I told Kyle that Grandma Lorraine had died, the very first thing he said was, “We will die and be with her again soon.” At first I was taken aback because I worried that he was implying that “we” (or he?) would be dying soon… but then he immediately continued, “Don’t worry Mommy, we’re going to live a long, long life and then we’ll be in Heaven with your grandmother.” What a deep believer my boy is. I like to think he got that at least partly from his grandparents and great-grandparents. I come from a long line of deep, faithful, life-long believers. And at times like these, I am ever-so-glad for that.

1st day of Kung Fu!

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There’s more going on here than just a fun time, but man oh man did Kyle and Owen have a blast at their first day of Kung Fu.  A ton of running around, learning some basics for kicks, punches and blocks, and a quick lesson in discipline (not listening results in 5 push-ups – and not keeping your hands up results in a gentle tap on the head – since you missed keeping the teacher’s hand away from your head). For these new Little Dragons, it was a great start.

Of course, I could get into the frighteningly deep levels of philosophy for why I’ve been wanting them to do this, but I won’t.  Today it was just good fun, the boys like doing it as well as like it that they are doing something that Papi does and besides – they get to wear a sash!

And yes, those are butterfly sticker tattoos on their foreheads.  Not Kung Fu related in any way, just cute little butterfly tattoos for cute little butterfly loving boys, who also now do Kung Fu.