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Kisses & Hugs

Posted by | October 12, 2006 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Right now K & O are in a very lovey dovey kissy huggy phase with each other. This morning I caught them on camera! It was about 7:45am, they were sitting on the kitchen counter, having their beloved morning “warm milk!” before heading off to daycare. They were having a little love fest between milk gulps. Sometimes while they’re kissing one will say to the other: “No bite me!” Braydon often gets the heebie jeebies from watching the intimate kissing between brothers… I just think it is so darn cute I can hardly take it! When it gets to be too much, I just say, “NO FRENCH KISSING YOUR BROTHER!!!” And Braydon rolls his eyes with horror! Mostly, though, the whole thing is just over-the-top adorable! I can’t wait to show these pictures to all of their friends when they are about 13 years old!!! But really, in all seriousness: who could possibly not think this is just too (two) cute?!

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