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Wrapping Gifts and Making Cookies with K & O

Posted by | December 18, 2009 | BAMBINOS, Uncategorized | No Comments
Yesterday Margie made Christmas cookies with the boys. This, let me tell you, is a major undertaking. A challenge of utmost proportions. To be honest, I was shocked she’d even attempt it. The flour, the colored icing, the boys… the whole thing is just a formula for crazy-making. Check out Margie’s crazy smile in the photo– that says it all (that and the fact that her comment to me as she was leaving the house was, “Tonight I’ll need an extra glass of wine!”). But they did it, and they loved it. And the end result was something they were all very proud of!
Today I helped the boys wrap their Christmas presents. This is a major event each year. Perhaps one of my most challenging events of the entire year. (I blogged about it two years ago here; I guess I tried to block out last year’s event and didn’t mention it on the blog, but I do remember it). Have you ever tried wrapping presents with young twin boys? Young twin boys as rambunctious as my two? With not a crafty bone in their combined bodies? You should try it someday. It is a true test of your patience. I will put it this way: In the past 48 hours I’ve finished grading final exams for both of my classes and submitted the course grades for the fall semester, I wrote and submitted a scholarly review of a book proposal to NYU Press, I finished off and submitted for final publication production a major project that I’ve been working hard on for the past 3 years, and I’ve planned/prepped/packed for a major trip for a family of five… and seriously… sincerely… in all honesty… the gift wrapping event this afternoon was the most challenging thing I’ve done in the past two days. Next year I’ve got to remember to divide the boys up and do wrapping with each one individually after Meera is in bed. Although, I can hope that it will be less challenging when they are six???
 Anyway… for what it is worth… the presents all got wrapped, beautifully (they absolutely insist on a “twirly ribbon” on each one), and, as with Margie’s cookies… the end result was something we were all very proud of — and, as with Margie… I’ll definitely be having an extra glass of wine tonight!

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