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Big Plans

Posted by | January 11, 2010 | BAMBINOS | 6 Comments

It is no secret that for a few years now I’ve had grand plans for my sons to be married to two particularly adorable girls in Alaska. Kyle and Owen know nothing about my marriage plans for them, but they have heard me talking about how cute I think these girls are, how great I think their family is, and how much I wish I lived closer to their mother (because I think I’d be really good friends with her if we could be ‘real friends’ beyond the blogosphere). I blogged about my grand plans for my boys’ marriages once — you can see it here. Well, it seems that already my boys have other plans of their own. Kyle and Owen have recently been talking about who they are going to marry. Owen has his heart set on a girl in his class. They appear to be madly in love with each other (I should be clear: in the cutest, most innocent way). They’ve had a couple of playdates with each other. Today, Owen was at her house for a playdate after school — they made popovers for a snack and drank milk together while eating them fresh from the oven. According to Owen, the playdate was just swell. Kyle has his heart set on a girl from his own class. Today, while Owen was at his own house, Kyle’s friend came over to our house for a playdate. They were so incredibly cute together. They told me that they plan to get married; that they will live in New York City; and that I can visit them anytime I want. They also told me that they plan to travel to China frequently and eat dumplings “all the time.” They asked me to take a picture of them “since they’re going to have a wedding,” and the photo above was the result. They then proceeded to play about 10 games in a row of highly competitive Candy Land (I never would have imagined that two five year old kids could be soooo competitive about Candy Land). Anyway, I was having flash forwards to 10 or 20 years from now… and all I could think was, “If he chooses someone then that I like as much as I like his choice now we’ll be all set.” For some reason, with K & O, I can’t help but always be wondering about what will come of their lives in the future. It is hard for me to not let my mind wander there when it comes to K & O. I’m just so curious about how it will all play out. I’m not rushing it, believe me!, I’m just simply curious. For now, we’re happy with playdates and popovers and Candy Land and hopes and dreams.


  • Molly says:

    Awww! I love this. and my uncle wanted to marry the family dog when he was a child. Her name was Heather. hehe.

  • amberlee says:

    My 5-year-old is currently "in love" as well and I think about this too! Mostly since my husband and I met since we were only four, it's crossed my mind that she could have very well already met her future husband :) I catch myself fantazing about which of her little friends it could be, lol. So sweet of your boys!!

  • Malia'sMama says:

    Sooo sweet!

  • Katie says:

    Hey Heather-You guys are in my thoughts today. I don't pray, but I definitely have the people of Haiti in my thoughts.Katie

  • M and M says:

    H, I'm sending you a hug at the news of the quake in Haiti. Such devestation…it's trembling news (as we say in our home).

  • LaLa says:

    Awwww…so cute. Of course I think Asian girls are the prettiest anyway but I may be a little biased : )Heard about the earthquake….prayers sent up.

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