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Kyle and Owen’s 6th Birthday Party! (1 of 2)

Posted by | May 09, 2010 | BAMBINOS | 5 Comments

The biggest and the best K-&-O-Birthday-Bash ever!!!

This was our 5th annual. Highlights included:

  • 128 people at our house on an absolutely beautiful hot and sunny Saturday
  • In lieu of birthday presents for K & O we asked for — and received — heaping piles of donations for the Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center ~~ AWESOME!
  • A very cool juggling act!
  • Face painting for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Caribbean Rum punch (including rum-free rum punch for the kiddos) for all!!!!!!!!
  • Cake and ice cream — and popcorn and freeze pops for all!!!!
  • Fun fun fun fun fun
  • 2 very, very, very, very, very, very (that is six ‘very’) happy boys!
  • Long after the guests had cleared out, and the party was completely over, sky lanterns were sent up in honor of the day the boys were born.

(thanks to Stacey for taking some of the photos that I’m posting!)


  • says:

    Happy happy birthday, sweet boys!!!!!

  • lauraepowell says:

    Those are some beautiful pictures! I love the one of the two boys in the hat and the one with you. Framers for sure.

  • msmelaniemsmith says:

    I just realized that Owen and Kyle are so big! When did they become boys? It seems like they were so young yesterday.

  • Chelsea says:

    It looks like everyone had a blast!! Love the face painting and the jugglers. Very cool that donations were made instead of presents. Happy birthday to Kyle and Owen!

  • r_rhubley says:

    My favorite pic is the boys in the Charlie Chaplin hats… sooooo cute!

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