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Toussaint L’Ouverture (x2) & ‘Li Li Ti Wid Pink Bow!”

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Halloween 2010 the three

Halloween 2010. The costumes were in the works weeks and weeks before today arrived. By mid-August, Kyle and Owen had already decided that they were going to be Toussaint L’Ouverture (legendary leader of the Haitian Revolution), and there was no going back. We have always given them a slow and steady stream of information regarding all-things-Haiti, but in the past couple months they’ve been learning quite a lot about –specifically— early Haitian History (thanks, mostly, to Braydon, who, over the past several years, has educated himself quite well on the subject). And, of course, like any good-history-buff-young-Haitian-American-boys… Kyle and Owen are absolutely enamored with the stories of Toussaint L’Ouverture. (They particularly like the fact that he carries a huge sword). It was originally Kyle’s idea to be “Toussaint” for Halloween. Owen quickly jumped on board. (At least, as of now, they’d never ever even consider being two different things for Halloween). So, Toussint L’Ouverture (x2) it was. I must admit, I got a little nervous about how on earth I was going to make that costume happen (x2!!!). But, in the end, the boys were beyond thrilled with the close resemblance (particularly the swords!!!), and I was really pleased with how it all came out (thanks to a little online shopping and my trusty hot glue gun). Here’s the most famous image of L’Ouverture…


…and here’s K & O (pretty good, huh?!)…

Halloween 2010 K & O

And Meera. Well, given her adoration of all-things-Lion-King, it only made sense to use the hand-me-down Lion costume from the Halloween when K & O were two years old. Meera was thrilled with the idea of being Lion King (or, in her words, “Li Li Ti”) for Halloween. But, she let it be known early on that she wanted to not just be “Li Li Ti,” but to be “Li Li Ti Wid Pink Bow.” Lion King with a pink bow?! No problem! And so, she was “Li Li Ti Wid Pink Bow”… (again, thanks to my trusty hot glue gun)… and she loved every second of it. Here’s the boys when they were lions, Halloween 2006 (they were so incredibly cute that in planning for Halloween 2010 I honestly did not think that it would be possible to reach that level of cuteness with Meera, pink bow or not)…

Two Lions

…however… our girl rarely disappoints. The cuteness level was (in my humble opinion) reached, and reached fully. Here’s Meera 2010…

Halloween 2010 Meera

Happy Halloween!!!


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