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Meera’s Birthday – Part I

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It was decided, by Meera, weeks (months?) ago that to celebrate her third birthday we would throw a “Fancy Pink Tea Party.” Her words. Where she got this idea, no one knows. Her prior two birthdays were beautifully perfect, intimately small affairs with little fanfare (M’s 1st Birthday; M’s 2nd Birthday). We loved them. But it was clear that Meera wanted something different for her third birthday— a real party, and as pink as pink could be. She was very verbal about what she wanted: “a pink twirly dress” with “fancy shoes,” “many, many pink flowers,” “pink milk” in a “fancy cup,” and “fancy, fancy, pink, pink!” She was also very clear about who was to be put on the VIP guest list. I determined early on that I was going to attempt to indulge her every wish while still trying to stay true to the precious sweetness that represented her first two celebrations.

I love creating magical wonderful spectacular birthdays for my kids. I do it for them, and I do it for me. For them— because they only live once and I want them to feel – really feel – loved and celebrated and special and uplifted. For me— because it is very simple: I love doing this kind of stuff. Always have. I love making a vision come true. The excitement and anticipation. The planning and prepping and hot-glue-gunning. I wouldn’t want to do it all the time (thank God I have a job that keeps me distracted enough from being able to go over-board like this too often!!!), but a couple of times a year is – (as long as I have the help of my mom, thank God for MorMor!!!) – all good. And so, I set out on a mission to make it happen: a Fancy Pink Tea Party for Meera.


The invitations went out; the To Do lists were made; the hot-glue-gunning commenced. There were many trips to local thrift stores scavenging for the fanciest 99-cent-teacup-and-saucer-sets, the most extravagant $1-tea-pots, and the most elaborate $2-serving-dishes to be found. There were a couple of big trips to the craft store. There was glass-and-“fine”-china washing; big-time-crafting; and many late nights for Mama in the days leading up to the party.

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MorMor joined me, three days before Meera’s birthday, for the last big push. And like my mom said when the big day finally came to a close: she and I, two forces independently, “together can move mountains.” Oh wowzas we can ever! And we can make the most spectacular birthday parties too! In the final hours there was fast-paced shopping, cleaning, decorating, and baking. Kyle and Owen even mowed! No kidding, they mowed the lawn! (and loved every minute of it of course.) 

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Meera knew there were big goings-on. And she knew it was all for her. She and her brothers went to bed on her birthday eve knowing only that the next day was going to be huge. A hugely special day was in the works. A Fancy Pink Tea Party was on the horizon. As soon as those three shut their eyes, things really got rolling. Furniture was re-arranged, garlands were hung, rooms were transformed, and the scene was set for a most magical next day. And as the clock passed midnight we were still in full-swing. ‏At ‎12:23 am Braydon snapped the photo below— my mom and I setting the tea party table. MorFar was in the kitchen blowing up pink balloons. With everything ready and waiting for our girl’s big day, we called it a night at 1:30 am.



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