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Charleston Day Trip

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Braydon took the photo above on Sunday afternoon. I think it is one of my favorite photos of all time. It turned out amazing. If you know the Charleston waterfront, this photo will speak to you. Notice, especially, how the boy has his hand on the dollar bill he’s slipping into his pocket.

If you don’t know Charleston— here’s a tiny tidbit: the “Palmetto Rose Legend” says that during the Civil War, confederate soldiers were sent off with palmetto roses given to them by their sweethearts. Today, around the Charleston Marketplace, and around the Charleston waterfront, boys sell these palmetto roses to tourists. They are handmade from palmetto palm fronds. Green when first made (from the fresh palms) and beige once dried, they are a lovely and lasting souvenir that is hard to resist. Meera, for one, loves them. So do I.

On Sunday we bought a couple of them for Meera. I also asked one of the boys if we could strike a deal: we’d give him one dollar if he’d let us take a photo of his bouquet. That’s the photo above. I love it. I might need to get it framed.


Charleston. What can I say about it that I haven’t already said? See here (from 2011). And see here (from 2012). And see here (from 2013).

This year I’ll just say this: Charleston has truly become a love of not just Braydon and I, but of all three of our kids as well. Meera, Owen, and Kyle have fallen head-over-heels in love with Charleston, South Carolina. There are certain things that we all look forward to now. Like, Sticky Fingers~~

Sticky FingersIMG_5297

At Sticky Fingers this year, Owen ate an entire slab (yes, a full slab) of ribs. By himself. If you’re interested: they were Sticky Fingers’ Carolina Sweet ribs. This boy can eat some ribs.


And then we walked down to Market Street Sweets for pralines for dessert. Owen had been waiting all year for that. We bought him a two-pound box of pralines to bring back to the beach house. He’s quickly working his way through that box.

Market Street Sweets

The fountains are always a Must Do.

Pineapple fountain

The rest is just wandering the streets, taking it all in, and thoroughly enjoying the slow-paced, splendid, southern charm of that beautiful little city.

piggy backpainterflowersflowerbuilding 3

building 2

building 1cobblestoneUmbrella

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