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Sea Kayaking (with Dolphins!!!)

Posted by | July 24, 2014 | BAMBINOS | 3 Comments


Well, yesterday we had one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of our family’s life together. We went sea kayaking! With dolphins!

The five of us had a private guided kayak trip through the ocean inlet between Fripp and Harbor Islands. It was absolutely spectacularly unbelievably awesome. Meera sat tandem in Braydon’s kayak, and the rest of us went solo. Our guide, Eric, was an incredible wealth of knowledge. He brought us out to a spot where he knows a pod of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins live (he’s been observing them there for the past ten years). We paddled along, into the inlet, and the conditions were perfect — it was low tide, the water was completely still, and — stunningly — sure enough, we had the gift of seeing so many dolphins. It seemed the whole pod was feeding there right as we arrived. Eric told us to stop paddling and just float there.

It was truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life. To be so low in the water, with total silence all around us, just us and this pod of dolphins. We could hear them blowing water as they’d break the surface. They were swimming and jumping all around us. So many of them. In the kayaks we were literally right there with them… they were as close as 10 feet away from us, swimming under us and all around us and popping up about the surface so that we could see their entire bodies — from the tips of their noses to the ends of their tails. It was unbelievably spectacular.

It was impossible to get photos of the dolphins because you’d never know exactly when, or where, they’d appear from second-to-second. The first photo below is the only shot I got that even shows a dolphin (right to the right of Kyle’s kayak).

We were on the water for 2.5 hours, exploring all around the inlet and salt marshes, and seeing so many spectacular sights. It was truly an awesome experience for the five of us.

If anyone is ever in this area looking for a unique and amazing adventure, get in touch with Eric at The Kayak Farm! Click here for link.







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