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Blog Break

Posted by | August 06, 2015 | BAMBINOS | One Comment


I found this leaf on the grass last night as I sat watching K&O at football practice. It was my first palpable reminder of how quickly fall will come. “Fall” meaning fall semester/start of school/end-of-the-bliss-of-summer. “Fall” meaning 3 weeks from now. (Gulp.)

Hopefully by the last week of August I’ll be ready. Right now, I am not.

We leave tomorrow morning for our annual pilgrimage to my family’s summer cottage on Lake Winnipesaukee. I’ll be taking a blog break while I’m there. Upon my return I’ll finish off the “Food from the Beach House” posts (I have a lot to catch up on with that, and I promise I’ll get back to it).

A goal of mine for this coming year is to be back to regular blogging. Last year I lost the overwhelming-schedule-very-hard-to-make-time-for-blogging battle; this year, I am determined to fight that battle and win!

See you soon my lovely blog readers! In the meantime: soak up those last drops of summer while you can! xoxo~Heather

One Comment

  • Hope Stevens says:

    Beautiful! Enjoy your trip and your blog break. I love your family and reading about all of your adventures! Can’t wait for the food posts…always inspires me to make something new.

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