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Food from the Beach House: Bruschetta

Posted by | August 05, 2015 | Food from the Beach House | One Comment

Bruschetta B

The key to my husband’s heart = bruschetta. Preferably made from fresh, St. Helena Island grown, heirloom tomatoes. Preferably on toasted French bread from the Publix bakery. Preferably with a glass of crisp white wine. Seriously. See this picture above? It makes my heart sing. Because I’ve flooded his heart with bruschetta love.

This year, Braydon got a run for his money from his two sons. They’ve developed quite a love for bruschetta themselves. Next year I’m going to have to buy two baguettes.

I make this at least once each summer at the beach house. It is truly just so good. The recipe is from Ree Drummond/The Pioneer Woman, and can be found here:


Bruschetta A

One Comment

  • Kate says:

    I love making and eating Bruschetta! I learnt from my Italian friend 8 years ago that I’ve been pronouncing it wrong!
    – Kate

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