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Emanuel AME

Posted by | July 03, 2015 | BAMBINOS | No Comments

Emanuel AME 2We took a day trip to our favorite city yesterday — Charleston. We adore Charleston. For some backstory to our Charleston love affair, here is one (click), of many, posts I’ve done on Charleston in the past. It felt wrong to go to Charleston and not pay our respects to Emanual AME Church. So, at the end of our day, we went there.Emanuel AME Emanuel AME 7

The Charleston Shootings have been looming large for us in the past couple of weeks. I’ve posted about it a couple times here on the blog (here & here). We’ve been talking about it a lot in our family, and it has been weighing on our minds, especially being in South Carolina right now. Many flags are still at half mast here, and there is still — at least it seems to me — a thickness in the air around it. It is still raw here (here, in SC & here, in our family).

It was a really good experience for us to go there, and be there, see it, and feel it.
Emanuel AME 5 Emanuel AME 6 Emmanuel AME 1 Emanuel AME 8 Emanuel AME 4 Emanuel AME 3

I’m so glad we went.Emanuel AME 9

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