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Food from the Beach House: “Beach House Blueberry Muffins”

Posted by | July 09, 2015 | Food from the Beach House | One Comment


These have actually become a staple for us year-round. I know it is crazy to buy the boxed mix when I could so easily make them from scratch. But when we’re juggling two careers and three school-aged kids (during the academic year), and/or when we’re chomping at the bit to get to the beach and not spend any-more-time-than-we-need-to in the kitchen (at the beach house), this cheater muffin is our go-to how-to.

I posted about my Beach House Blueberry Muffins two years ago (click here).

The only thing I do different now is that I double the batch (to make 24 muffins), using a full whole pint of fresh blueberries. And I also use a lot more cinnamon (including sprinkling lots of cinnamon on top of the muffins, with the sugar, before baking).

The bambinos, especially Kyle, love these for breakfast. They are great to bring for beach picnics too!muffins (1)

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