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1 Year of J-M ‘First Fridays’

Posted by | April 02, 2012 | Uncategorized | 3 Comments

first friday 1 first friday 2

(pictures taken right before we headed out for our most recent First Friday)

We have now completed one whole year of First Fridays. This has been huge for our family. Hugely good. Today, on Jamie Ivey’s Dreaming Big Dreams blog, I have a guest blog post about our First Fridays. Check it out here!

Due to a series of other Friday night commitments, Kyle and I finally had our March First Friday last week. He wanted to go back to the original place we first went for our very first ever First Friday. It seemed the perfect choice — poetic in a way — and it was such a dreamy night just me and my boy. We sat at the bar in this tiny, everything-made-from-scratch Italian place that we both now love. We chatted with the chefs as they cooked right next to us. And we connected with each other. Kyle was in heaven that night. So was I. It felt magical. As our First Fridays almost always do.

So, a whole year and we are going strong with this monthly ritual.

Some past posts about the past year’s worth of our First Fridays:

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Meera & Papi

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Meera & Mommy

Owen & Mommy

Kyle & Mommy (the 1st First Friday)


  • Jamie Ivey says:

    So love this! It’s almost like I’m afraid to commit b/c I’m afraid to fail, but the thought of doing this brings the biggest smile to my face!

    Thanks for sharing your story on my blog. I know you blessed many of my readers with your journey to this. What an encouragement and example!


  • cindy says:

    Hi Heather…..hmm…good to read this First Fridays thing. Ed and I have not done a great job ourselves of staying consistent with carving out 1-1 time and when you said “and we know its not right” (ie not doing it…), it hit home with me as I don’t feel good about not sticking with it. Think I’ll think more about it and I kinda like the idea of always knowing exactly ‘which’ Friday (or whatever) in the month to schedule. For us, since we don’t have a little one, we just each take a girl and go off on our ‘dates’ but again, we don’t do it consistently. hmmm….your post is making me think twice about it.

    Hope all is well. We’re all really well. I’ve not been so active posting these last 6 months but feeling a bit ‘inspired’ with Spring and the longer hours in the day so perhaps I’ll find myself back a bit. I am still constantly juggling and struggling with the “full-time-too-big-but-is-who-I-am” career plus Mom-hood plus everything else-hood but we’re well and happy so that is all good.

    Drop me an email sometime. Be nice to hear from you.


  • Kate says:

    Love your First Fridays idea and reading your posts about them, a great guest blog post too! Here’s to many more Fantastic First Fridays for you all!

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