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The Big Bounce Birthday Bash of 2014! (1 of 2)

Posted by | June 06, 2014 | BAMBINOS | One Comment

1 invite 2

1 cake collage

  • Number of Guests: 137
  • Cakes: 3
  • Total Birthday Candles: 26
  • Bounce Houses: 2
  • Pinatas: 3
  • Bouncy Balls: 300
  • Balloons: 90
  • Gallons of Rum Punch Consumed: 6
  • Faces Painted: many
  • Requests for Balloon Figures Granted: loads
  • Fun Had: much
  • Memories Made: unquantifiable

1 invite a

Every year I go crazy with birthday party planning for the bambinos. As with most things I do, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it all the way. The birthday parties are big, even for me, and I absolutely adore the entire process of throwing these shindigs (Kyle and Owen’s birthday parties have a huge history (backstory here); and of course Meera’s do too (remember the Fancy Pink Tea Party when she turned 3?!?!). This year, breaking with tradition, we decided to do something different and throw one huge party for all three of our May-birthday-bambinos. Kyle and Owen and Meera were thrilled with this idea (they all agreed, “the bigger the better!”), and I was too (planning one is easier than planning two!). So we went for it. As usual, I went all out.

balls close

My parents came to help, as they always do (thank God for them! and thank them for putting in the hard work and for putting up with my crazy-birthday-party-nonesense!). Whatever happens down the road of life, one of the fondest memories I will always remember are those nights-before-the-birthday-parties, having drinks and blowing up balloons with my fabulous parents.


The morning of the big bash, the bambinos were ready to party! In anticipation of the big event we had shopped so that they could each pick out a brand new outfit just for the occasion (that has become an annual tradition for us). They felt like a million bucks, and I think that is a good thing. It is good, every once in a while, to feel like a rockstar; like the world is your oyster; like your mom adores you in a way that defies your imagination; like your whole community is coming together to celebrate nothing but you — just you — and you’re the grand star of the show, the center of attention, the coolest kid around; the reason for the celebration, the life of the party. You definitely wouldn’t want a kid to feel that way too often (we do have to stay grounded), but… once a year?… well, that’s fine (actually, good) by me!

the three

Soon, our guests started to arrive, and total complete happy chaos ensued! The next three hours were some of the best three hours of the bambinos’ lives. Bouncy houses, face painting, custom-made-balloon-art, and unlimited popcorn and punch! I mean, really, what’s not to love about that?!?!!!

IMG_0322IMG_0321sceneIMG_0320facepaintballoon guy

facepaint 4

facepaint 6facepaint 2popcornbubblesMorMor

balloon 1

balloons 2M's balloon

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One Comment

  • Grammy Carol says:

    Oh, my gosh. I’ve never seen anything even remotely like this party you posted. You’ve certainly outdone yourself, one mo’ time, Heather, and thankfully you’ve reported on this event for your children to enjoy when they’re much older.

    Such a story. Such an undertaking. The photo of you with one of the boyos at the very end contains a look on your face I’ve seen many times. You certainly know how to “mother!” (Sorry to be so crass, but it is nevertheless, heart moving.)

    Design a mothering class at Lehigh…..


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